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How we are trying to due our part to keep everyone safe during COVID-19 pandemic

♡ Clients + Artists must wear a facemask at all times in the studio

♡ Anyone who is experiencing any symptoms, been exposed to the virus or travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days will have to wait to be booked in. 

♡ All Clients + Artists must sanitize / wash their hands upon entering the studio and have their temperature's taken.

♡ We keep track of every person who enters the studio and keep record of dates / times incase a potential exposure happens. 

♡ No guests are permitted in the studio to reduce capacity 

♡ Waiting areas are limited to 50% capacity

♡ Self-serve coffee station is off limits for the time being 

♡ All frequently touched surfaces are sanitized multiple times a day, especially door knobs, switches, debit terminal, etc. 

♡  Please watch the video above to see how we handle the pandemic ♡

                                                 Be safe, friends!

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